Sean Myers assists STEAM students to prepare a rocket for launch.

STEAM students in 3-7th grade spent the last 4 weeks studying the history of powered flight. Different subjects covered included the mechanics of flight, the history of flight design, and the science of rocketry.

Students spent time choosing and creating their own paper plane design, to compete against each other in a flight contest. Students used their knowledge of lift, drag, and aerodynamics to choose their designs.

Their final project was to design, build, and launch their very own bottle rockets using a plastic 2-liter bottle, paper, baking soda, vinegar, and a cork. Our students worked in teams of 3-4 and had an incredibly fun time learning about flight, and a bit of chemistry. Teams decided to compete against one another comparing launch height, lateral distance traveled, durability, overall rocket design.
Launching a Bottle Rocket