Use the power of words on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®!

It’s a hard world out there. Kids and teenagers are bombarded by negative messages from social media, pop culture and even their peers all day long. They are told in ways both overt and implied: You’re not important. You’re not unique. You’re not good enough.

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® counters those messages with an outpouring of positivity on the day itself—and a focus on making encouraging kids a life-long habit.

Positive psychology researchers have studied how our brains are hardwired to respond quickly and intensely to negative messages. It’s how we evolved to survive. But so many of our modern-day negative messages aren’t life-threatening. Just dream-stopping. Spirit-slowing. Soul-crushing. Studies show it takes between three to seven positive messages to counteract the blow of one negative message.

Camp Fire founded this annual tradition in 1997 because we wanted to encourage adults to make encouraging kids a priority. Why? Because words are powerful. They can lead kids to discover their sparkhelp them cultivate a growth mindsetmotivate them to go after their goals, and encourage them to reflect on their progress. But most of all, they can help kids feel loved and teach them to love themselves!

That’s why telling the kids in your life they are important, unique and good enough (right now, right as they are) is so vital.

Not sure where to start? It’s not hard to make a big impact on AIKD. Meet the young person where they are at and communicate in their favorite medium. Make your compliments specific to their strengths, behaviors and character. Tell them exactly how they’ve made your life better. Then repeat. Often!

Ready to dive in?

Will you join us?

On March 19, I pledge to tell at least one kid why they are INCREDIBLE:

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