We could not have done it without you.


Another PigFest has come and gone! I was cold and muddy and messy, but WE DID IT! We parked thousands of cars, serving thousands of people who attended PigFest over the weekend. We've got a great team!

  • Thank you to Kevin Kingery and Adam Smith for serving as our Board Co-Chairs. Your leadership was awesome!
  • Thank you to our Lot Captains who remained positive and flexible with the changes in our lots. We had challenges and the adventure of constant change happening, but you rose above it all! You are all rockstars.
  • Our Hospitality Crew (Tania Ruiz, Jennifer Dankowski) were amazing and kept our teams fueled and hydrated!

We are also so grateful to the Lakeland PigFest Board of Director for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event each year!

Here are a few stats about you to celebrate:

  1. We had 170 individual volunteers who gave up part of their weekend to join our team!
  2. More than 1050 volunteer hours were logged by you!

We are so thankful to serve alongside people like you! Your support of Camp Fire means more than you will ever know!

Our DumpCake Booth was a huge success!

Our DumpCake Booth is designed as an opportunity to help our teens practice leadership, goal-setting, marketing, and other essential skills that they can carry into their futures. Every year our teens cook dumpcake in cast iron Dutch ovens over charcoal. Every year they do a tremendous job and this year was no different.

  1. 150 cakes which translates into 650 individual portions  were made and sold!
  2. A total of $2230 was raised in sales!

Thank you to everyone who donated supplies and volunteered! And a special thanks to everyone who came out and bought dumpcake, for supporting our programs! We also want to give a shoutout to our teens for doing such a great job! Conor Anderson and Jack Slaughter did a fantastic jobs leading our efforts under Sean Myers and Sandra Roth's guidance. Thank you!